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                                                      The Women History in Adhiok Community

The History of Women in Adhiok Community brings sense of contentment as an exclusively community, and therefore, of course, our women are really brilliant women in history making, they work hard by committing themselves to raise the bar to the community extension length of expense for community services.  Our women are absolutely community patriots as good citizens of the Adhiok community who devoted and spirited their times to promote the society into its best popularity.  The Women, who love and take care of the community as well as themselves in an expense of the Adhiok Community services, are rather treated as “Gold of the Community” that elevated Adhiok History. The Adhiok Community profoundly proud of her women and their works, and this would make excellent community for someone else in life who interested in how Adhiok Community Women have made an impact in History.


                                                                     The Women Leadership in Adhiok Community

The Adhiok Community Women are fully integrated into community affairs to participate and exercise their community base leadership abilities and skills gained. In the United States, the Adhiok Community members formed the Adhiok Community Development Foundation (ACDF) to bring about community developments.  And therefore, this women leadership is really wanted in Adhiok Community Development Foundation as vital as community straightforward asset and it is therefore, demonstratively incorporated into community social, political, and economic affairs being done in the society.  The Adhiok Community and especially Adhiok Community Development Foundation (ACDF) founded in the United States of America, very much happy to see our women exercise their rights and freedoms to become whatever and holding anything, where they have strong abilities and efficiency leadership skills backgrounds.


                                                                       The Women values and Vision in Adhiok Community

The Adhiok Community gives much respect for each and every individual in the community, including women and children who values are tangible deeds. Basically, equality and individual dignity are very much recognized and respected to encourage the community’s integrity. The women’s values and visions in Adhiok community are welcomed to build the strong society where democratic views intellectual stays longer. In the United States of America, where Adhiok Community Development Foundation instituted, all ACDF members support women association to build strong values and create future visions for Adhiok Community furtherance.


                                                                                 The Women Education in Adhiok Community

The mission of the Adhiok Community Development Foundation (ACDF) is to bring about necessary and positive development into our civil-war devastated Adhiok community, to improve the lives of the vulnerable and the deprived off members, and to provide substantial services by working tirelessly for the better future of our community.  The Adhiok Community has no databases that depict community databases so that we can show data graphically. For example, illiteracy and literacy should have been depicting by percentages based on community data collection.  During the civil war period, the Adhiok Community had been confounded entirely, and therefore, women and children are the primary victims who suffered the most while no cares and protections given to them.  They had grieved a lot of psychological and emotional sorrows and miseries caused by the war in Sudan. The women and children had no educational opportunities to attend schools.  At this moment, there is a lot of educational opportunities for pursue education. However, the Adhiok community attempts to spare time for their women and child to have started to pursue education.  This is one of the most important goals that can improve women lives and entirely community as well. the Adhiok Community people were displaced and had been disadvantaged most but not limited to socially, economically, politically, developmentally, and above all; educationally.


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